Many folks believe that Spring is the time to treat grubs in their lawn, this is not true! Spring is not the time to treat your lawn for grubs. They are too big, eat minimally in the spring and the products are ineffective. Also, moles and voles do not necessarily mean that you have a grub issue, they eat worms and other critters too!

For most lawns, fertilizer only needs to be applied twice throughout the growing season. Fertilizer is best applied to healthy lawns in mid-May or the end of June. After the plant has used up resources in spring growth, fertilizer will help replenish and keep it healthy through the summer. Healthy lawns do not need extra fertilizer in the spring. It may cause too much growth, weaken the roots and become more prone to disease or chinch bug damage.

Only spot treatment for weeds is recommended. Did you know that weed killers actually weaken the turf grass, so blanket treatments will set back the grass which has to work harder to recover? Treat the problem weeds not the grass!

Tree Care

Contrary to popular belief, old established trees do not require fertilization. If a tree that is more than 5 years old is not growing or portions of the tree are dying, that would indicate a more serious problem and it is likely not lack of fertilizer. It could be and array of issues including compacted soil, high ph., too wet or too dry. It could be street pollution or a fungus that cannot be seen. Perhaps the tree was planted too deep or has a root strangling it, called girdling roots. If someone recommends fertilizing an old tree, then they may not be true arborists. It is best to call for certified arborists to examine to make the correct recommendations.

To spray or not to spray insects attacking trees? There are many questions to ask yourself before making this decision. What is the cost? How often will it be needed? Will this be an ongoing issue? Can organic or horticultural oil take care of the problem? What would the cost be to replace with a different plant? How valuable is the tree to the property real estate, environment and sentimentally? Move forward with a plan after determining your answers.

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