Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care Inc, was founded in November of 1990. It is a long story that I will sum up for you. You will meet customers who will tell you that they have worked with me more years than Broccolo Tree and Lawn has been in existence. I think it is important that you know the personal history of where and how we started.

After my degree in conservation and horticulture from Finger Lakes Community College in 1978, I immediately went to work for Ted Collins. I worked in all phases of the company for 13 years including tree spraying, pruning, RG&E line cleaning, landscaping and some sales.

Ted did not have a lawn care program, so I asked him about starting that department. He allowed me to develop the lawn care department, handling all the sales, production and purchasing and be completely responsible for all profit and loss.
Ted sold his business in 1989, and continued to be my friend and mentor for the rest of his life.

You should be aware that Albert, my husband (and now co-owner), was working as a process automation specialist. His background is mechanical engineering. His company had undergone several corporate takeovers and, in 1991, was moving out of state.

We had a five-year old daughter, Mary Anne, and a newly born son, Vincent. It was in November 1990, while on maternity leave, that I made my final decision to leave my current position and start Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care, Inc. At the time we knew Al would be laid off from his company. However, he had six months’ severance pay to help get us through.

After starting Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care, I personally contacted everyone I knew. I was truly amazed at the support of my new customers and their willingness to write me checks immediately. They said that I would need the money for start-up and they wanted to help in any way possible. They gave me more referrals than I dreamed possible.

The first year I doubled my sales goal which meant I needed more help. Albert joined me in June for a short time and then went to another job in his field for the winter. In the following spring he decided to return and handle the equipment, computers, and help with labor. In 1993, Albert officially became part-owner.

From the valuable experience I gained in starting and operating a lawn care department, we have instilled the philosophy for Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care, Which is… “This is your business too.” You are responsible for profit and loss. The customers are your customers, and your personal reputation is at stake. Your ideas for new products and techniques are essential to the success of Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care.

Every year, our expertise is increased with the addition of professionals like yourself. You are among the experts and will learn much from everyone. We strive to continue learning and welcome your questions. We learn by constantly challenging ourselves.

Our sales and production have continued to grow from year to year. We owe that to our customers’ referrals,. They are happy because everyone here genuinely cares about them and the job we do for them. We are a staff of professionals and have also become the company referred by many lawn mowing companies, landscapers, and even our competitors when they need an expert. They can count on us to service their customers and not to compete with them in areas where our services overlap. As recognized leaders by Cornell, and national industry associations, we help train and set standards for our industry.

You have now joined the fastest-growing, highly technical and most professional company in the Green Industry for the Rochester area, and we are recognized as one of the top in the country for environmental leadership.

However, my goals for the growth of the company fall right back to you. We will continue to grow only if we continue to service our customers with the personal and professional quality to which they are accustomed. We do not have to be the largest, just the best! the rest falls in place. Enjoy yourself!

Laurie R. Broccolo