The drought has wreaked havoc on Rochester’s lawns this summer. Our lawns have brown areas that will not recover with the limited amount of rainfall. These areas can be repaired by mowing very low and hand raking to remove dead areas then reseeding. For more tips, please check out Laurie Broccolo’s blog “Fall Lawn Seeding” on our website:

If you would like assistance repairing your lawn we would be glad to make an appointment for a free estimate.

Data about the use of pesticides in the Rochester area was released in the Democrat and Chronicle last week. The article by Steve Orr was very informative but raised a few concerns about the way lawn care companies use pesticides. Did you know that the Monroe County law requiring lawn care companies to notify neighbors when they use liquid products has increased the use of blanket treating with granular products which was exempted from notification?

The neighbor notification process is costly but it enables Broccolo to spot treat with liquid instead of blanket treat with a granular product. Our “Integrated Pest Management” method requires trained technicians to recognize the weeds that are harmful to healthy turf. For over 25 years, our focus has been to bring Rochester more environmentally friendly, targeted lawn care to help protect our environment and at the same time create the best looking yards.

If you are a current lawn care customer we thank you for your business! If you have used our other services, please consider trying our IPM Lawn Care. New lawn care customers will receive their spring visit in 2017 for FREE. We’d like to show you how effective less weed control can be when applied by trained professionals and the peace of mind that comes with our “less is more” philosophy.

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