About Us

Our mission is to create the best looking yards in the neighborhood using an environmental approach. We strive to conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.

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Broccolo Values:
  • Quality work
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Diverse culture
  • Community support

Our Values

Clear standards are set for all types of jobs performed and every finished job is reviewed by customers and supervisors. Supervisors know the standards and take personal responsibility to make sure Broccolo standards are met.

We are candid with customers about what they need as well as what they don’t need, and the rationale behind each recommendation.

We speak to schools, environmental groups, clubs and anyone who would like to know more about sustainable practices in the Rochester area.

Employees are hired based on their commitment to Broccolo’s™ core values: environmental responsibility, diverse culture, and community support.

Fundraising and Education to Goodness Grows with Broccolo

Broccolo offers a special Goodness Grows program to charities and nonprofits to help with fundraising. We will set up a special weekend for your organization to send friends, family, and supporters to our Garden Center to purchase their plants and gardening supplies. After the weekend is over we give your organization 10% of the total sales generated by your organization. This is a great opportunity for your group to raise money, Broccolo to give back, and your members to support local business.

We are available to speak with groups about environmental topics.  If your group is looking for a speaker to provide information and education on issues such as Integrated Pest Management, Storm Water Management, the advantages of Native Plants and Saving Pollinators, please give us a call. Our passionate staff can provide a presentation.

Please email us at [email protected] for more details.

Broccolo Partners

At Broccolo we often partner with local companies who work to make our community and environment a better place. We provide natural décor to enhance fundraisers and promote events through our network of like-minded people. If you haven’t already become familiar with these organization, please explore their websites.

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