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Laurie Broccolo

Owner and CEO of Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care and Broccolo Garden Center

Albert Broccolo

Co-Owner Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care

Terry Schmitz

General Manager

Jessica DeMasio

Sales Manager

Diane Myers

Landscape Operations Manager

Debi Bridges

Director of Accounting and Administration

Melanie Portland

Director of Marketing

Steve Desmond

Lawn Care Manager, Sr. Lawn and Tree Technician, Integrated Pest Management Trainer

Jim Bonanno

Sr. Sales Consultant

Brandon King

Sales Consultant, Social Media Management

Shaun Dixon

Sales Consultant

Deb Cullen

Sales Assistant

Mary Keppel

Accounts Receivable Manager

Missy Pschierer

Office Assistant

Kathy Thompson

Lawn and Tree Care Coordinator

Andrew Freeman

Sr. Tree and Lawn Technician and Trainer

Erin Kinnally

Sr. Lawn and Tree Care Technician, Horticulture Help Desk

Lois Dannenberg

Sr. Tree and Lawn Technician and Trainer

Ken Rosini

Sr. Tree and Lawn Care Technician

Zachary Wheeler

Lawn Technician

Josh Cyprys

Lawn Technician

Darryl Bridges

Lawn Technician

Matt Hossenlopp

Lawn Technician

Chuck DeLella

Landscape Coordinator

John Badowski

Commercial Landscape Consultant

Rachel Edwards

Landscape Design Sales Consultant

Chris Countryman

Landscape Foreman

Paul Millis

Landscape Foreman

Spenser Howden

Landscape Foreman

Mike Alteri

Landscape Foreman

Jeanine “J” Fyfe

Assistant Manager Broccolo Garden Center

Mary Lynn Shaughnessy

Garden Center Staff

Pete Bristol

Sr. Mechanic