Dear Valued Customer,

What a difference a year makes! Last summer we experienced the most severe drought in 75 years, this year we are having record rainfall. This increase in rainfall has provided weeds the opportunity to thrive. We will be working hard to manage your weeds but you may see weeds popping up between visits. Seed germination and growth is at an all-time high due to excessive moisture. Our goal is to have your weeds under control as the wet conditions subside. As a homeowner you can help by mowing at 3 inches, longer turf will deter weeds.

This is the best time of year to fertilize because the grass has grown excessively and needs supplemental nutrients to help through the summer season. All Broccolo technicians will individually address the amount of fertilizer needed at each property.

The wet conditions also make your landscape trees and shrubs more susceptible to insects and disease. Our affordable tree and shrub program can give you added protection, please call today for more details.

The Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care Team
[email protected]