Spring Lawn Care What To Do & What NOT to DO!

  • Do not apply grub control. Wait until Aug and check for newly emerging grubs.
  • Do not apply weed and feed to entire lawns. Always treat selectively
  • Do not fertilize except in newly seeded areas. It is too early to fertilize. Wait until Memorial Day
  • Do not apply crabgrass treatment in shade areas because it does not grow there
  • Do not seed hot sunny weedy areas of the lawn
  • Applying products not needed or at the wrong time is not healthy for the grass or our environment


What should be done?

  • Go ahead apply pre-emergent crabgrass control to all hot sunny areas such as along driveways, roads, walks. The time to treat is now until forsythia blooms go away.
  • Just spot treat broadleaf weeds such as dandelions. Don’t worry about clover and other smaller weeds.
  • Seed thin shady areas in April and again in Aug or consider planting and mulching under trees
  • Repair plow damage with new soil and fast-growing perennial ryegrass
  • Seeding in the sun areas will compete with weeds and the weeds usually win. Wait until August to repair sunny areas. If you cannot wait, then plan on Seeding again in Aug
  • Plant a tree for some shade


We will continue to share “The Broccolo Way’ throughout the season!