In the Face of Record-Breaking Rainfall

Record breaking rainfall can cause disease on plants. Most leaf spots are fortunately cosmetic and the plants will be just fine. If you have dogwoods however, fungal disease can spread into the branches and cause dieback. The good news is that it is treatable by Broccolo’s IPM experts. 
A common question this season is why are there brown patches in the lawn?” Red thread fungus is very common this year due to the excessive rain. The grass is growing so fast, using up nutrients that are normally stored in the roots during the summer drought. Broccolo lawn care specialists are fertilizing as needed to help lawns recover. Send us your photos for diagnosis at [email protected] 

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Weather got you down?
Create a rain garden!
An inexpensive, simple way to implement an environmentally sound solution to stormwater runoff.  Rain gardens provide pollution control, flood protection, habitat creation and water conservation.

Let Broccolo help you create a beautiful rain garden!

Joyful Plumeria Gloria’s Painting Class,July 29, Saturday at 11:00 AM The simple graceful shapes of Plumeria petals can evoke a peaceful feeling. Paint some at Register for class: .(585) 424-4476 Broccolo Garden Center, 2755 Penfield Rd, Fairport 14450

Butterfly and Hummingbird Friendly Garden” August 3, Thursday at 6:30 PM FREE Horticultural Class. What do they want to eat? What attracts them? Plants that do it all. Broccolo Garden Center, 2755 Penfield Rd, Fairport 14450. Email [email protected] or Call (585) 424-4476 to register.





At Broccolo Garden Center…  Tall thin feathery liatris with puffy balls of allium, echinacea tomato soup variety and yellow coreopsis on the table. 


Come take a tour!
Next week, take a tour of the RMSC Green Infrastructure Showcase
July 11, 2017 @ Rochester Museum & Science Center

 The Museum’s campus has been transformed with cutting edge practices to protect water quality including porous asphalt, a green roof, rain gardens, and rain barrels.
Be inspired and learn about how you can adopt these at home! #Rochester
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