Tonight!  Pining for You…Establish beauty with evergreens!


Upcoming at Broccolo Garden Center

April 27, Thursday at 6:30 PM FREE Horticultural Class “Pining for You” Evergreens, Pines and Junipers, oh my.  How to establish beauty with pines. Broccolo Garden Center, 2755 Penfield Rd, Fairport 14450.   Email [email protected] or Call (585) 424-4476 to register.
April 29, Saturday at 11:00 AM Splash Mob Painting Class, Paint “Ladybug on a Flower” Visual contrast between a flower and a ladybug is sure to capture attention and will quickly become a conversation piece. Broccolo Garden Center, 2755 Penfield Rd, Fairport 14450 (585) 424-4476. Register for class:
May 6, Saturday at 11:00 AM FREE Horticultural Class “For the Birds” Plants that encourage birds; what they like to eat, nest, hideout, need. Broccolo Garden Center, 2755 Penfield Rd, Fairport 14450. Email [email protected] or Call (585) 424-4476 to register.

“Should I roll my lawn?”

This is one of the most common questions we get this time of year!  It may seem like a great idea to smooth out the bumps and valleys. But in the long run– it may damage your healthy turf!
In Rochester we have many areas with clay soil composition. Rolling clay soils will cause compaction and decrease the turf’s ability to absorb water and reduce the soil’s ability to get oxygen to the roots.   Most soil and grass in the Rochester area can be raked to flatten the area without the worry of weakening the turf by rolling. 

Saluting the 7th Annual Teen Empowerment Rochester Community Luncheon!

Thursday, May 4
Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention CenterHonoring Kit Miller & M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, Peacemaker in Action Award

Dr. Walter Cooper, Champion for Youth Leadership Award