Photo courtesy of the Genesee Land Trust.


It is time to cut back old perennials & rake out thick leaves but leave some debris for the beneficial insects that over wintered in your garden. Edge your beds, loosen old mulch and freshen up with some fresh mulch.



  • Use pre-emergent crabgrass control in sunny areas and along edges of driveways and sidewalks.
  • Use a thin layer of topsoil if you are seeding in any areas you have used crabgrass or weed control to create a barrier and a bed for seed to germinate. Plow damage as well.
  • Stomp down and sprinkle seed in any mole or vole tunneling. They have likely moved on now!
  • Seed in the spring for shady areas under trees and seed in the fall for sunny spots. Now is the time to get down your seed before the shade trees put on leaves.


  • Do not fertilize in early spring if you applied a late fall winterizer or fertilizer. Your turf’s roots stored all of those nutrients and are using them now to spring back to life.

  • Do not treat for grubs now! Grubs don’t damage your lawn until the fall. If pre-emergent control is needed for areas with a history of grub problems, June or July is the appropriate time for this. Remember, your lawn can tolerate at least 10 grubs per square foot before they cause damage.

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Pressed Flowers

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Mulching Tips

  • Use natural mulch because it breaks down and adds beneficial organic matter to soil.
  • We discourage the use of dyed black or red mulches. Let the plants be the stars in your landscape vs colored mulch.
  • Fluff existing old mulch to break up the crusty top layer. Then top dress where needed to maintain a 2-3” inch depth.
  • Pull mulch back away from the base of your plants.
  • Do not cover the branches and trunks of trees and shrubs.

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