Designing with Bulbs
Laurie Broccolo shares a few of her favorite bulbs
for a fun ever-changing spring garden.


It can be overwhelming, yet you will reap the joys after a long winter. You can plant and we can help design and install for you too. There are many choices for a long season of interesting bulbs and the time to plant is now!

Daffodils and Narcissus are always a cheerful sign of spring. Plant in groupings of 5-8 for patches of bright yellow and orange eye-catching colors. The Butterfly mixture from Netherlands is one of our favorites. Try a few unusual colors of white, pink and green daffodils. Bring some inside as they make great long lasting cutting flowers.


Tulips come in many shapes and colors with varying bloom times which extend your season. Unfortunately they are deer candy but if you have a fenced yard or patio safe from deer, then your choice of color palette, shapes snd textures are endless.

Camassia and globe alliums not only add strong architectural shapes to your garden but the seed heads continue to add interest through the summer. They mix nicely with the annuals and other perennials in June that are just getting started.





Tall unusual bulbs such as Mediterranean Bells and Crown Imperials have become a favorite because they are a magnet for hummingbirds.


Tiny pops of color always make me giddy as suddenly emerge through the snow.

There are too many to choose. Besides crocus, try the small species tulipsdwarf iris, or daisy like anemones and tiny daffodils.




Blue scillagrape hyacinths and winter aconites will easily naturalize.






These small early bulbs fit nicely into the trend of No-Mow May for

lawns to help the early pollinators looking for nectar. Try a small patch like this mix from American Meadows. We are going to.

(photo by American Meadows)






Come Enjoy the Garden Center
Take a fall stroll through Broccolo Gardens. This is not your average garden center, it is a destination for your enjoyment.
Unique pottery, funky pumpkins with meandering paths through trees and shrubs creating a park like atmosphere.

Enjoy the butterfly garden with fall flowers, berries, colors and a green roof that you can touch.


Great photo ops for your family or school pictures!




Aiden waiting on the golf cart.



Cydney is happy to answer your questions.

Stop by the chickens, take a stroll through our meadows.


Meet Our Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff!

This is Jessica and sweet old Aiden who loves attention.
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Chuck loads bulk products & delivers too.

Jeanine goes by “J” hosts weekly workshops and enjoys helping you pick plants.


Bulb Special!
$395 / 12 Dozen
installed bulbs

Come visit the Broccolo Garden Center
and get your bulb garden underway!

Forcing Bulbs
Forcing bulbs to bloom sounds somewhat cruel. I like to think of it as gently coaxing them. It’s true that they are being slightly tricked into thinking they’ve gone through a long Rochester winter but their ignorance sprouts into beautiful bliss. Even those with a black thumb can easily pot up an early sampling of springtime splendor to be enjoyed in time for the holidays…


We get so many questions about critter control in your landscapes, there are many ways to try to escape the damage.

Deer have become our biggest offenders. Applying a liquid fence has proven to be effective for the DIY crowd. We do offer solutions for treatments and temporary fencing also. Winter can become treacherous for our evergreens, consider new plantings especially.

Others pests such as chipmunks and squirrels are best dealt with by calling a pro but we’ve heard of everything from cayenne pepper to sonar! Please share your success stories with us!