By Laurie Broccolo

Avid gardeners, Wendy and Morley Gwirtzman built a special place in their small yard in Brighton.  The gardens grew out of endless hours and the love they spent together over many years.

I became involved as a caretaker to fertilize, and treat the plants as needed for insect and disease. My focus has always been on the science of plants, nature, and eco-systems. The Gwirtzman’s commissioned local artists including my husband Al who enjoys creating metal sculptures.

Wendy is a professional artist and some of the photos are from the view of her windows of her studio. She insisted that I design their front yard because the lawn would not grow in the shade. I never thought of myself as a designer, but they pushed me to unleash my artistic talents using nature as my inspiration. Today the front yard is an inviting park to all who walk by.

photos below are a peek into this private backyard sanctuary that was recently featured in Design NY magazine

The gardens live on and this story in honor of our beloved Morley Gwirtzman.

Wendy welcomes you to her yard.
This archway was created
by Paul Knoblauch.

The metal rain tree water feature created
by Al Broccolo.

The patio designed and installed through Broccolo, mixes materials & recycled old brick.
View from the art studio.
View from the family room.
The koi pond.
A topiary crabapple tree.
Pathway through the gardens.
Stone birdbath.
Metal flowers by Al Broccolo.
Stone bench and succulent filled birdbath.