I would say the most difficult aspect of working with natural stone is the varying widths of product. While pavers have been engineered to be in exact ratio to their length:width:height, natural stone dimensions are typically determined by how it breaks off a much larger piece of rock. The exception to this, of course, is modular bluestone which is cut usually into 1’by1′, 2’by1′, and 2’by3′ pieces all being 2″ thick. Modular bluestone provides a formal elegant look.

Irregular flagstone is just that – highly irregular. Different thicknesses is guaranteed and no stone isthe same dimensions. While an irregular flagstone may be difficult to install the look is incredible and highly functional. The texture of the surface lends itself to be slightly more uneven, but for most patios and outdoor living areas this adds character while not suffering from less usability.

There are hundreds of other surfaces possible – recycled granite, marble, river rock, etc.

All have ways they can be used to enhance your outdoor space. Consider thinking outside the box on your next patio project and using natural stone versus pavers or stamped concrete.