The Rochester  

Broccolo is proud to be a part of the Rochester Home & Garden Show! It provides a great opportunity to find professionals for landscaping, flooring, roofing, patios, remodeling, and more! View exhibits for just about any project in or around your home.

Garden Center

We are officially open by appointment! Call or email us today. Plants are still squirreled away in our protected winter hoop-houses, accessible for browsing and layaway purchases.

The down-to-earth, friendly staff is knowledgeable in design, planting and cultivation for our region. We love what we do and it shows!

We Are Working!

Warmer weather is here and so is our crew! The soil temperatures have risen, and they are now warm enough to start servicing your lawns. Mulching, fertilizer, pruning, weed control, you name it! Our team is ready to make your lawn the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

We’re Saving Gas

We at Broccolo are absorbing increasing gas costs by doing whatever we can to minimize our use.

  • Our senior sales associate, Jim Bonanno, drives and electric car to all of his consultations. See pic. We have a charging station at our garden center-The fuel for the car is generated by the solar roof!
  • Efficiency in routing our visits- we carefully schedule all of our stops.
  • Our crew members meet on job sites, giving them the opportunity to save on gas.
  • We use local vendors
Do your part and minimize your gas bills by staying home to save more money to buys plants, they make you happy!