Tall lanky spires with lovely bells of color have always caught my eye. Foxglove standing tall in the back row of any flower garden are stunning! Sadly, I cannot combine my love of foxglove with my love of pets due to their toxicity. You see, I happen to love Labrador Retrievers more than Foxglove. The newest addition to my family is a chocolate cutie, named “Chloe”,  just like four other beloved family labs before her, she will eat anything at any time. Yesterday she presented a photo, which minutes earlier was hanging, framed and matted in our living room. Mat eaten, frame chewed and luckily glass insert safely on the floor. Did I mention she’ll eat anything?

Typically pets will stay away from plants not directly in their normal paths. Breeds with voracious appetites, such as Labs, may accidentally partake in plants that could potentially harm them. If you are uncertain if a plant is dangerous check with the nursery manager at your local garden center. When choosing flowers and plants for my garden I stick to varieties outside of the ASPCA list of dangerous plants. I’ll continue to admire Foxglove from afar, not a bad trade for Chloe’s silly faces and sloppy kisses. www.aspca.org/pet-care/aspca-guide-pet-safe-gardening

Here is a list of well-known poisonous plants.
• Azalea
• Cyclamen
• Delphinium
• Dumb Cane
• Foxglove
• Lantana
• Larkspur
• Mistletoe
• Oleander
• Rhododendron
• Sago Palms