We all know that Rochester winters can be long, cold and snowy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our landscapes from the warm views of our windows. There are many different types of additions for your landscape that can add interest in these chilly months. Different colors, textures and movement can be welcome changes.

Start now by taking a look from your favorite spots inside to see what areas of your landscape are lacking, or could use a little pizzazz. Think about dimension, something that will draw your eye or make you linger and take some photos. Take note of areas that would benefit by adding a focal point.

Movement can be added with Ornamental Grasses- there are many different heights and varieties of grasses with interesting and beautiful seed heads that stay for the whole winter. These don’t need to be cut back in the fall! Leaving them up for the winter provides shelter for birds and unexpected beauty in your yard.

Color can be added by using plants with bright stems and twigs, especially in a group. Red and Yellow Twig Dogwood are a great choice for this. The bright red color of the berries of a Winterberry Holly or some Crabapples are striking against white snow. The Yellow and orange blooms of Witch hazel are most welcome at the end of a long winter.

Texture can be added by using deciduous plants with interesting bark, such as Kousa Dogwood, Paperbark Maple, Climbing Hydrangea or River Birch. Of course, the addition of evergreen plants whether it be a smaller shrub like a Gold mop Cypress or a taller tree like a Lacebark Pine add season long texture and color. Remember that evergreen come in a variety of colors like blues, yellows golds and greens that when mixed together create an interesting effect.

These plants may not take the harsh sting of a long winter go away entirely, but they may help you appreciate the season in a different way.