WANTED: MOWERS & LANDSCAPERS who own their own business or want to get started.

Spread the Word to your mowing contractors that “The Broccolo Entrepreneurship Program” is ready to help them expand and become more efficient and profitable. WHY? There are a lot of requests for landscape services and we cannot do it all. So, we started to work with small companies to train them in
“The Broccolo Way”— how to professionally prune and plant.


Rodregus Tripp (left) training Nik to edge and prepare for planting.

Our expert horticulturists consult with our clients to develop a maintenance or design plan and our experienced field supervisors hire contractors for a day to work alongside our crews and teach them techniques and strategies so they can go on their own. We check-in for quality control and train the same way we work with our own staff. We have found that owners/operators are more reliable and are committed to quality. This is a career, not a summer job.


Testimony from Derek Schaff, owner of Schaff Landscaping.
“This is my 3rd year of working with Broccolo. I had 85 mowing customers some of which were referred by Broccolo. In the summer when lawns were dry, they offered to teach me hand pruning the natural way. This year I have cut down mowing clients to 40 and I can offer my clients more detail work which is more profitable. With the
shortage of staff, I just could not physically expand mowing and there is a lot of competition with other guys in a truck. Now I take care of pruning and planting for some of Broccolo clients and my personal customers. With their assistance, I have started to install small patios and walkways. There is enough work for everyone, and I encourage others to contact the Broccolo team to begin a similar partnership. I am busy, healthy, profitable, and proud of my service.”


I smile like a flower not only with my lips but with my whole being.


We would love to welcome you to The Barn at Broccolo Gardens. Our rustic barn, overlooking our gardens and greenhouses makes a memorable setting for corporate and private events. Booking now for summer!
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