Thanksgiving Memories

by Laurie Broccolo.


The Broccolo Thanksgiving lunch has been a tradition for over 30 years.

With Albert’s encouragement, I started Broccolo TLC in Nov of 1990 while on maternity leave. MaryAnne was in kindergarten and Vincent accompanied me on every business meeting to launch our season in 1990. That was the year of the Ice Storm. What a crazy start! As family and friends helped get the word out, it was already more work than I could handle alone.

Broccolo Grows from 1 employee in 1990 to over 50 in 15 years. Al handled equipment repair and maintenance in the evenings until joining as a fulltime partner after 5 years. The fleet grew to 36 vehicles and a lot of equipment requiring more help. The kids went everywhere as part of our team.



Thanksgiving is a time to reflect. At our annual Wed before Thanksgiving luncheon, we gather our staff and celebrate the past years. Employees that have been with us for 5 years or more receive special recognition. We have been around long enough that 2 of our employees retired after 25 years

Here are some faces of the people you may recognize and those who are behind the scenes.

Diane Myers, Operations Manager/Pete Bristol, Mechanic have both been with us over 25 and 20 years.



A familiar face is J. Fyfe and Aiden at the garden center.


Martha is our field supervisor.


Jessica; General Manager, Brandon; social media.


Rod Tripp; Lawns.


So many employees have come and gone but we like to say, once you join the Broccolo Family, you can Never Really Leave. Broccolo alumni from high school and college kids to part time retirees have all contributed to our success.

We are proud of our commitment to environment and the culture of fun!  “We Love What We Do” to create the best-looking yards in the neighborhood for you.


Bella was the greeter for 14 years.


Al and I are truly grateful to you, our customers that not only have remained loyal, (some over 30 years!) but for the friendships we have developed and the sense of belonging to Yours and our community.