KC Fahy-Harvick

With over thirty years work with perennials and water gardens, KC Fahy-Harvick is a sought-after lecturer on garden matters, most notably perennial design, bird gardening, four season gardens, and creative containers.

KC’s depth of knowledge stems from her experience as founder and owner of Hawk’s Nest Nursery, where, with her husband Craig, she created a unique setting for gardeners seeking perennials and water plants. She now runs Gardening Matters, which is built on the innovative use of perennials in design, and maintenance techniques developed over decades of hands-on experience. Her most challenging design project involved her submission for the GROUND ZERO project in 2003, which was awarded a second tier consideration out of 13,000 entries.

Believing that perennials can be challenging for gardeners, she continues to teach topics that showcase her expertise. The newest workshops Healthy Gardening – Tools and Techniques For Gardening Longevity, and #1 Design Secret – Plant Combinations are most in demand. Her horticultural articles can be found in numerous publications, helping even more gardeners to enjoy the experience of bringing dreams to reality.