You may have heard about residential and commercial Rain Gardens being used in modern landscaping plans. They are experiencing popularity due to their ability to filter run off water safety and effectively through large and small properties.

Rain Gardens use a combination of dirt, plants and rock to work as filters for excess storm water. Environmentalist have found that storm water may contain pollutants that can travel to our drinking water systems if not properly filtered. This is where rain gardens come in. Directing rain water from gutters or overflow into a relatively simple depression in a yard or open space filled with layers of dirt, plants and rock can easily manage the problem of storm water. Rain Gardens can also slow down erosion by sending water away from areas unable to accommodate excess rainfall.

A properly planned Rain Garden can be an effective and beautiful part of your property. Rain garden plants can have lovely flowers as well as eye-catching foliage. They are a trend that is here to stay. Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care has constructed many commercial and residential Rain Gardens in the Rochester area. We can build a Rain Garden to suit your needs or visit our Garden Center to learn more about plants and materials needed to build your own.