While many articles naturally have a “green” bent or feel to them in the landscaping industry.  Not many are written to help you keep some “green” in your wallet.

How can we save money on landscaping while still utilizing a professional landscaping company?

  1. Consider edging and fluffing rather than mulching every year.  While mulching every year gives your landscape beds a great look every year, it tends to encourage too much mulch build up in the beds and around plants.
  2. Consider replacing mulched or turfed areas with ground-covers.  Ground Covers create maintenance-free areas for spaces throughout your lawn and gardens.
  3. Converting areas that are hand edged every year to a stone edging product that not only gives a great finished look,  it doesn’t require any maintenance.
  4. If maintaining large amounts of lawn space think about adding meadow areas that create habitat as well as areas where virtually no maintenance is needed.
  5. Hire a landscape designer before adding additions, pools, or other similar buildings or structures.  Just last week I saved a client over $20,000 dollars by moving a pool 8 feet.    Now that’s some “green” in anyone’s wallet!