March Comes in Like a Lion…


Spring cleanup or pruning? 

With all the wind we had this week, you might be concerned about scheduling some pruning or  spring cleanup? We can help!

Call Broccolo today for a free estimate.  (585) 424-4476

Stop by Friday– Jessica, Terry and Melanie will mix you a craft cocktail! Proceeds contributed toward Women in Construction Scholarship Fund. 


Penfield Expo Preview

Jeanine “J” Fyfe will be representing Broccolo TLC at this year’s Penfield Expo. You’ll be able to catch a preview of our great 2017 Horticultural Class Series at Broccolo Garden Center.  Stop by our booth, she will be sharing info about what’s going on at the Broccolo Garden Center this year and handing out valuable coupons.
Don’t forget to sign up for her FREE Horticultural class series (see below). Jeanine will be taking preregistration and answering questions about class content.