Celebrate with us–Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Sun!


New York State has declared June 19-25 Pollinator Week!
Help us celebrate and support our hard-working, life-sustaining beneficial insects!



Celebrate Pollinators Workshop

June 24th from 11:00-12:00
Broccolo Garden Center  2755 Penfield Road, Fairport, NY 14564

 Laurie Broccolo of Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care  invites you to a FREE workshop to educate and discuss saving Rochester’s pollinators.  Birds, Bees and Insects move pollen from one plant to another providing the pollination required to grow produce and seeds. Learn how to act locally to support our declining pollinator population. Workshop will include a tour of pollinator gardens and many tips for making your space pollinator friendly.
Pat Bono, President & Founder for NY Bee Wellness, Inc., will be joining in to share important information about saving our bees!  Pat has been beekeeping since 1976.
As a bonus our friends at Suncommon Solar will share important information on obtaining solar power for any home!  Choose solar to take the most empowering action as an individual against climate change.



Tree Aerations

Rochester has experienced a very wet spring! Your landscape may be affected by wet compacted soil, which can be especially hard for established trees. If you notice trees not looking their best as summer approaches, you may want to consider a tree aeration.
Broccolo’s experienced technicians use forced air to gently and effectively break through compacted soil allowing beneficial oxygen to reach the roots. Aeration also allows water to more easily be absorbed by trees. Call or email today for a free estimate. 585-424-4476   [email protected]

Mosquito Barrier

Another result of our wet spring is that mosquitoes will be out in full force! Try our Organic Garlic Spray, Mosquito Barrier, to safely treat your outdoor areas.
How does it work?
The scent repels mosquitos and flying bugs. It is applied 3 days prior to an event or every 3-4 weeks for continuous coverage. The garlic scent only lasts for 24 hours after application.
Is it safe?
YES. Organic and herb based…It is not harmful to people or pets.
Call or email today for a free estimate. 585-424-4476   [email protected]


Join us for an enchanted evening to create fairytail endings for Rochester’s animals. This year’s event will be a wondrous evening where you can bid in the silent auction, compete for awe-inspiring live auction items, enjoy a delicious dinner, delight in a fun open bar, and dance the night away with a live band.

Cocktail Attire – Playful, themed attire is optional, but fun!
June 10, 2017
Holiday Inn Downtown
70 State St, Rochester NY 14614