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Emerald Ash Borer In Rochester NY


emerald_ash_borerThe Emerald Ash Borer, or EAB (Agrilus planipennis) has been positively identified for the first time in Monroe County near Morgan and Scottsville Roads. It is believed to have been there for at least a year.

Get professional help for borer.

Whether you are in Rochester, Syracause, Utica, Buffalo, Rome, NY New York, Upstate NY in general or accross the USA, there is no need to panic. The emerald ash borer, a small, metallic-green, wood-boring beetle found it’s way into our neighborhoods.

Millions of ash trees have been killed since the borer were found in 2002 around the Midwest. Last year it was detected in New York. It is a deadly bug to emerald ash trees , but it is preventable, and not every ash tree is infested.

Stop before acting. It is critical that homeowners not buy products until speaking to a certified arborist. The emerald ash borer has been laurie_broccoloaround for years and my company along with other landscaping companies have been researching and monitoring the growth. Certified arborist fully understand the bug; the specific tree it is affecting, regulations and quarantines, and treatment options.

While speaking with a local garden store might be the most convenient way to fix the problem, speak with an arborist at the garden store. This will not only save time and money, but it will save your trees and the environment.

At Broccolo Tree and lawn care in Rochester, NY we are monitoring many different factors to try and protect your Ash tree or trees from this insect and its spread. It is important to remember trees are living things and like all living things each one is different. Environmental conditions, seasonal differences, site differences, size, overall health, all these things need to be taken into consideration in protecting your tree. Know that we will do our best to achieve the best results to protect your tree.

In regards to other treatments, it is important to consider the value of the tree versus the cost of treatment. There might be an opportunity to remove the tree and plant another type of tree in the same spot. Treatment involves injections into the trunk or soil.

For general advice, call the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County’s garden helpline on weekday mornings:
(585) 473-5335.

Broccolo is owner and co-founder of Broccolo Tree & lawn care in Henrietta.

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