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A certified, trained Broccolo technician inspects a tree for insect and weather damage.

Broccolo’s tree care and shrub care monitoring program includes treatment as needed for insects.

Using the principles of Integrated Pest Management , our technicians address your property ’s unique requirements,timing applications for maximum effectiveness. As a result, the actual number of site visits and treatments will vary with a minimum of 5 inspections according to the needs of your trees and shrubs.

Broccolo offers additional tree and shrub services such as pruning , disease control, and fertilization. Some insects and diseases such as Birch Leaf Miner or Spruce Gall need a preventive treatment. Plants prone to aphids, mites, and scale will be sprayed with horticultural oil early in the spring to smother the eggs and adults of those pests.

Your Tree/Shrub IPM program is tailored to fit your property and includes:

  • Regular inspections of all landscape plants.
  • Treatment of pest problems carefully timed for maximum control and minimum use of pesticides. Eradication of all bugs is not needed, just containment of them at a controllable level. We use systemics through the roots or trunk and also common garden pesticides, and we try to encourage the “good bugs.”
  • In-house diagnostics, as needed.
  • Service calls, as needed, including treatment of new pest problems as they arise through the season.
  • Advice on cultural practices that would benefit the landscape .

The price is based on the type of plants, the obvious pest problems and history of problems. The total cost for the year is divided into five equal payments. You are invoiced with your inspections, and our service renewal process provides convenience and continuity.

Additional customized tree/shrub care BTLC offers through our landscape maintenance services are:

  • Weed control treatments for landscape beds and walkways.
  • Disease control fungicide sprays for valuable landscape plants.
  • Fertilization of new or establishing plants with a liquid soil injection.
  • Mycorrhizae soil injection for root development.
  • Tree/shrub pruning to remove storm damage, diseased limbs, and encourage proper flowering and branching.
  • Pneumatic aeration with or without soil amendments.
  • Winter management such as deer repellent, pruning , and weather shields.
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