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  • Broccolo installs all our Patios, Driveways, and Walkways according to ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) specifications. That means we do it right! We stand behind our installations and designs.
  • Broccolo has installed hardscaping all throughout your neighborhoods and communities.
  • Pavers, Natural Stone, Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, Pathways, even Custom Lighting.
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  • Broccolo installs walls as well. Garden Walls that are for aesthetics, Retaining walls for holding back, Sitting walls …for sitting!, and many other applications. There is no one size fits all in hardscaping, or especially in your.
  • We not only create the best looking yards in the neighborhood, we create the best looking designs and installations!
Top Soil
Swales are depressions that follow the contour around the base of a slope (natural or created), channeling storm water from one place to another. They filter runoff along the way by allowing it to sink into the soil. Plants on a swale’s gently sloping banks—and sometimes down the center of the ­channel itself—take up much of this water. Fast-draining soil is also key. The ­addition of a ­perforated pipe laid in gravel underneath can help ­handle heavy water flow. A small swale might carry gutter water from a house to a dry well, while a more substantial one could run along the base of a hill above a low-­lying house to divert water around it.