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Spring or Fall Aeration

Core aeration, either alone or paired with compost topdressing, gives your lawn a lift. By removing plugs of dirt, aeration allows air, water, and nutrients to get to the roots and reduces thatch buildup. Adding compost improves soil structure and drainage.

Compost Top Dressing

Adding a topdressing of pelletized compost improves the effectiveness of lawn aeration even more.
The high quality organic matter of compost increases microbes that help break down thatch, improves soil structure, and helps absorb water.
If your soil is sandy and you don t need aeration, compost topdressing is just as beneficial for you.

Slice Seeding

If your turf is thin or a new lawn is needed, we offer lawn renovation in the spring or fall. We slice-seed, which actually cuts through existing turf to plant the seed. In combination with our lawn program it can give your lawn a fresh new look!