Ecological planning

Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care is committed to creating sustainable communities. In 2009, BTLC developed an ecological planning service for commercial and residential clients on “green” projects that qualify for LEED credits (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). These best practices, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, recognize sustainable building practices that save money, resources, and have a positive impact on health while promoting renewable, clean energy.
BTLC collaborates with engineers, architects, and developers to review commercial landscape plans before they go out for bid. This review process ensures that proper plants are selected for each site and planted according to best practices resulting in fewer losses of plant material, less labor, and fewer pesticides to maintain.

Here are some of the qualifying prerequisites for LEEDS credits that Broccolo assists with:
• Planting of native, non- invasive, plants
• Installing mulch to retain moisture and soil enhancements for healthy microbes
• Breaking up compacted areas to allow water percolation
• Planting of meadows & low mow grasses instead of conventional turf
• Planting of drought tolerant plants
• Installing walkways that reflect, rather than absorb heat
• Designing100% permeable lots (without hardscaping)
• Directing all runoff toward a permanent infiltration feature (such as rain gardens or a rainwater cistern)
• Planting trees or shrubs to reduce erosion.
• Installing Green walls and interior plantings
• Enhancing the view out the window for employees which increases productivity

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