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Environmental Planning Services

Broccolo provides consulting as subcontractors to engineer firms and also directly with developers. We give presentations to town planners and architect firms. We have had contracts with the county, the city, several towns, colleges, and developers. Broccolo provides design, renovation, wetland remediation, preservation and construction. Our full time staff are environmentalists with varying degrees in wetland mitigation, conservation, landscape design, environmental services in addition to horticulture We are dedicated to environmental approaches in every aspect from carbon footprint to environmental diversity and have numerous awards from Cornell, FLCC, EPA, and Monroe County as leaders in the environment, along with the landscape industry.

Broccolo Tree and lawn care is excited to offer Environmental Planning Services for site developers, engineering firms, and even individual land owners who want a sustainable landscape that preserves and promotes the health of our native landscapes and waterways .

National Tree Benefit Calculator

fritoWe work closely with engineering firms to review commercial landscape plans before they go out for bid.

This review process ensures the proper plants are selected for each site, and that they are installed according to current industry standards. This review process results in fewer losses of plant material and a landscape that requires less pesticides to maintain.

We at Broccolo are committed to preserving and restoring our environment and our communities. Please call if you’d like more information about our environmental planning services.