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To deadhead, or not to deadhead?

That is the question. Whether t’is nobler to have the tidiiest garden on the block, or to leave some seeds for wildlife? Now is the time to provide for wildlife by leaving patches of grasses, perennials, and wildflowers in place over winter. Seed heads of purple coneflower are finch magnets. Sparrows, juncos, and small mammals forage for fallen seeds on the ground beneath. These patches of dead vegetation provide food, cover, and water for a variety of species. And, their interesting forms and subtle shades of brown and gray add texture to your winter landscape. So this fall, remember, a little messy is good!

Broccolo is pleased to honor these gentlemen with a flag at Mercy Bridges, Field of Honor 2016

  • Marine Lance Corporal Francis William Lockwood, father of our knowledgeable Asst. Garden Center Manager, Jeanine Fyfe.
  • US Army Sgt. William Joseph Moran, father of our amazing sales coordinator, Chandler Moran.

Learn more: www.mercybridges.org.

The gem of our Green Infrastructure pavilion is in place at last! This glass public art piece by Nancy Gong, Gong Glass Works depicts each stage of the water cycle and how it connects the wellbeing of our community and Lake Ontario. Watch the installation.

Follow the Rt. 441 detour signs for a
stroll through the gardens…We’re still here!
Fall is an ideal time for planting shrubs, trees, perennials, & bulbs.
Visit our Garden Center on Penfield Road for inspiration.

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